Our Services

From comprehensive equity administration to empowering employee education, ETB offers a suite of services for your company’s success.

Equity Administration & Cap Table Management

Our best-in-class equity administrators will handle all aspects of your equity programs, ensuring timely and accurate processing and settlement of all participant equity plan transactions. We guarantee accurate data reflection and can prevent discrepancies that may delay liquidity events or IPOs.

Employee Support & Education

We understand that employee support and education are critical to the success of equity compensation programs. That’s why we offer regular training and education to equity holders, ensuring they understand the value of their equity compensation. We also provide prompt and expert support for all employee inquiries, ensuring best-in-class customer service.

Equity Compensation Planning & Advising

Attract and retain top talent for scale with our expert equity compensation program design and advising services. Our team will assist your legal, HR, and finance teams in creating a best-in-class equity compensation program, auditing your plan for any potential areas of concern that may hinder your company’s future growth. We guarantee your equity compensation plan will be in line with the top plans in the industry.

Venture Capital Networking

At ETB Equity, we are committed to helping your company thrive. Our dedicated team connects you with investors who have a strong interest in your industry, allowing you to secure funding and propel your business forward. By accessing our extensive network of investors actively seeking innovative ventures, you can unlock new growth opportunities for your company with confidence and support from us.

Simplify Your Equity Management